[ARMD-386] Shino Setsuna, Mai Horiuchi and Meron [540p, japanese.gym.uniform enema.drinking enema.facial ]

[ARMD-386] Shino Setsuna, Mai Horiuchi and Meron [540p, japanese.gym.uniform enema.drinking enema.facial ]

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Scene 1:
Shino Setsuna and Mai Horiuchi are sitting on the floor dressed in school outfits. Shino makes Mai bend over and she lifts her skirt up revealing her white panties. Shino pulls them down exposing Mai’s butt and uses her finger to play with her asshole then rims out her butt with her tongue. Shino flips Mai over onto the couch and she raises her legs into the air. Shino inserts two fingers into her friends asshole and works them in and out. She pulls her fingers out and they are coated in liquid shit which she happily eats. She inserts her fingers back in and bangs her friends butt until Mai can’t hold it anymore and slowly pushes out a foot of shit onto Shino’s hand. Shino starts to lick and puts some in her mouth. Mai starts to pee and Shino puts the shit under her ass to coat it with piss. Shino leans over and pushes a small load of waste into Mai’s mouth. She smells the shit and they start to kiss transferring shit between each others mouth! The waste covers both their mouths. Shino and Mai use each others tongue spreading the liquid shit mixed with saliva over their mouths and Shino spreads her the shit all over her school outfit.

It’s Shinos turn as she gets on the couch and raises her butt into the air. Mai eats her asshole out and Shino teases her by slowly pushing out a small piece of shit that goes back into her asshole. Mai grabs onto it and it goes into her mouth. She pushes out some soft shit onto Mai’s hand. Shino turns around and goes right to her shit in her friends hand. She smells it then takes a small piece and the girls start to kiss.

Shino grabs a enema plunger and fills it up with water. She coats Mai’s asshole with her spit then inserts the tube into her friends asshole. She grabs Mai’s ass and teases it and spreads it apart and Mai’s blasts the liquid directly into Shino’s mouth!! Only a small amount of shit falls onto the floor which she grabs and starts to use the shit to paint Mai’s butt. Shino takes all the shit and makes a ball with it and Mai sits in front of her. Shino starts to pack small pieces of shit into Mai’s mouth filling it. Mai tries to hold it while smiling at the camera. The girls put their mouths together and Mai transfers the ball of shit into Shino’s mouth!! Shino then spits a load of shit into her mouth and the girls kiss again. The girls start to play around and Mai spits a small ball right into Shino’s mouth from 4 feet away!!

Scene 2:
Shino and Meron are on a bed dressed in Japanese Gym outfits. They are white tops, black shorts and high white socks. They do some stretches together. Shino grabs Meron’s hands and touches her pussy. Meron can’t help it and starts laughing. Shino gets behind her and cradles Meron in her arms and plays with her pussy. She makes her get into doggie position and starts to touch her asshole. Shino spreads Meron’s cute asshole apart then pushes a finger inside. She uses her tongue next and slowly rims out her friends asshole. Shino sticks two fingers inside Merons butt and feeds her the stained fingers. Meron lays down sideways and Shino spreads her asshole. She pushes out a long string of shit right into Shino’s mouth!! She keeps pushing out more and more and Shino can’t handle the amount that came out. Meron laughs and smiles at Shino trying to get the huge load into her mouth. She finally does and they start to transfer the liquid shit into each of their mouths while kissing.

Shino stands up and bends over so Meron can eat out her asshole. She rims out her asshole while spreading it. She gets down into dogie position so Meron can finger her butt and smell it. Shino lays on her side and starts to push out her shit into Meron’s mouth. She is having a tough time getting anything out and Meron keeps lick her asshole. Meron uses a mini enema ball and inserts it into Shino’s butt. She stands up and Meron holds out both her hands and she sprays the liquid out and a massive log comes out landing in her hands. She shows the camera the huge load and pulls it apart!! Meron laughs and Shino uses her finger to touch it and places some on Meron’s braces!! Shino teases her by eating some of her own shit then the girls kiss and she pushes the waste into Meron’s mouth. Shino teases her again with the mouthful of shit which Meron takes into her own mouth. The two girls start to play with the shit and spit on it and take small amounts into their mouths. Shino then uses the shit to coat Meron’s white top and legs. Meron returns the favor and the girls use the shit to coat their gym outfits. They start to make out also with liquid waste drooling out of each of their mouths.

The girls get up and Shino uses a enema tube and fills it with water. She inserts it into Meron’s asshole and she does the same for Shino. Both girls put on cute little panties. They are covered in shit and Meron points her butt to the camera. She pushes out the water inside her asshole filling up her tight pink panties! Shino is wearing blue panties and Meron holds them to the side and she pushes out a ton of water into them. The waste falls to the white mattress on the floor which is stained with shit. They both laugh and the girls check each others panties out. Shino pulls off Meron’s panties and she does the same for Shino. They are stained with shit!!! Both girls smile and remove them and start to show each other the mess they made. Meron’s panties are covered while Shino’s are only wet. Shino gets on her knees and rims out Meron small ass and spits on it. Meron does the same to Shino’s butt. The girls then spread the liquid shit over each of their asses coating them in waste.

Scene 3: Behind the Scenes
In the behind the scenes, a camera man films Shino and Mai before the shoot wearing their school outfits. The girls tease the camera and then get into position for photographs in front of the couch. Shino is seen fingering Mai’s asshole trying to make her shit and some camera guy gets in close surprising them. The scene switches to deleted scenes of them covering in shit. It seems the girls just continue to play with each others shit while the main camera is not filming them!!! Mai gets creative and draws a cat face on Shino’s butt with shit!

Meron is in a makeup chair getting her hair and makeup done. She smiles to the camera and she shows off her small tits and laughs. She removes her blue robe and shows off her petite body. She talks to the camera guy while smoking. It’s Shino turn in the makeup chair and Meron watches her. They move out into the living room and tease each other while getting ready. Shino pulls up Meron’s top showing off her small bra as the girls smile and laugh. The girls show off their white socks and touch each other. In a out take from their scene, the girls paint each others butts with shit! Meron bends over and Shino covers her ass with pieces of waste!! Shino then spits on Meron’s asshole and rubs her spit into her butt!

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