Jureka Del Mar Drink Vomit and Pours It on Her Face

2016 | 37min 57s | 184 MB | 1280×700

Just finished another live show with nastychinkytoy, This time i asked her to vomit for at least 5 mins, to make sure her stomach was emmpty. When it was empty i made her dump some vomit on her face to make her extra messy. Proceeded to make her eat her shit. Now when she vomits she will only vomit out shit. Then she gets to eat that shitty vomit over and over again. Made her blow her nose into the bowl too, the snot of her face just makes her so hot. I really pushed her this time, she had to ask me to stop this time, in all the previous shows she would still be ok at the end of the show.

Jureka Del Mar drink vomit and pours it on her face

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