BETTY & FRIENDS – SERVING WITH A SMILE [720p, shit eating, shit smearing, Hightide]

1h 15min | 1.16 GB | 1280×720

scene 1:
Marlen sucks 1 male, get anal fingered, rough BJ. Marlen pees and shits a little into a pot, Betty and her taste it, kiss.
Betty doggy shits into Marlen’s mouth. Put shit onto penis. BJs and kisses covered in shit. Betty rimming male. Male pushes females’ heads into a pee+shit bowl. Runs the bowl over Betty’s leg onto Marlen’s face…

scene 2:
Penelope and Betty lesbian play. P. shits over Betty’s face. Kisses. Shit into Betty’s pussy and smearing over her body. Vaginal fisting. P. pukes shit on Betty. Shit eating and swallowing. Betty pees and shits on P.. Toilet brush into P.’s vagina or ass, then B.’s. Shit spitting into each other’s face. Shits n giggles. Male pees into Betty’s mouth then shits on Betty’s face. Females kiss. Anal hook into Betty’s ass. Betty slurping pee+shit mix from floor.