Betty’s Perfect Summer Break – Betty, Kelly (720p/Hightide/Piss/Scat)

Hightide Bettys Perfect Summer Break - Betty, Kelly
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The action begins in classic Betty fashion, with her first sharing piss from two staunch Hightide crewmen and eventually ending up choking on their cocks, as she gets spit roasted while covered in everyone’s filth. Marlen can’t help but play with her pussy as she films the debauchery. The festivities then take a turn to the outdoors, where Betty is treated to a special kind of picnic as she’s fed a special brown burger fresh from Kelly and then laid out on a table being fed (and coated) in shit, enjoying cocks all the while. Kelly can’t resist getting a taste of Betty’s nicely browned pussy more than once.

Another great and, as always, enthusiastic performance from Betty and the whole Hightide crew, we can only imagine what goes on while the cameras aren’t rolling.

A message from Betty:

Hi y’all, hope you all had a great summer…. ….I for one did! I got invited by the Hightide gang to visit Kelly and her infamous basement πŸ˜‰

I was so happy to meet my friends again.. The sun was shining, the birds were singing… and we got horny quick…;) …alas, the crew were still asleep !!&@#*!!

So we climbed down into the basement without them, and took matters into our own hands πŸ™‚ Poor Marlen had to stay behind the camera most of the time, but we made it up to her in the days to come.

Enjoy the first episodes of my Perfect Summer Break…and stay tuned for lots more!


Betty πŸ™‚

Hightide Bettys Perfect Summer Break - Betty, Kelly