Domina Victoria – shitting on the slave (1080p, piss drinking, submission)

Femdom scating 2016_49
8 min 55 s | 615 MB | 1920×1080

This is short clip with female domination. Gorgeous Mistress use a lucky man as a toilet slave. She humiliates him. The usual action of the movie woman torturing a guy, then she sits on his face with her entire ass while farting pissing and shitting on him. Such actions usually leave the space ruined, the man, besides unconditionally satisfying all the wishes of the mistress, is obliged to clean the space.

When girl feeding her male slave with fresh poop, sometimes she forced him to swallow poop. If is satisfied, mistress feeds the servant with the remains of shit.

Men are happy to serve in such a way mistress. In most films have scenes where women piss in mouth of men, and in some spitting. It also has a number of group scenes, where men act as human toilet. The girls are mostly nice and shit very generously. Shit has a lovely texture, and you can almost smell.

Particularly emphasized grace and loftiness of women at the same time belittling men. Excellent collection for fans of these types of movies. Please note that the scenes are real and that this video is not for everyone’s taste. The quality is not the best, but who loves worth a look.

There is no sex at all, just female shitting on male, the rest of action include: trampling, serving, humiliation, pricking the heel, pushing his head into shit, ass cleaning and so on. Good enough for me and other femdom lovers.

Femdom scating 2016_49