Hightide – Julia & Friends – Skat! 720p

45 Minutes | 720p | 860.66 MiB

Description from Hightide:
Models: Julia, 2 males
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Stunning newcomer Julia sent us some private footage shot during a wild weekend with friends, asking us if this might fit our style. Of course it does, who can resist a girl who introduces herself with a big smile: “I’m a scat pig – I like it!”
Some mild bisex action in this title, if this ain’t your cup of tea, don’t buy…
Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.

Sex acts:

The first scene is just Julia and one guy for while. He takes a piss enema and shoots it on her face and tits. She blows him for a while. She shits a big log into her mouth. Then there’s lots of sucking, fucking, pissing, and kissing. The 2nd guy comes in eventually and joins the fun. I didn’t see any bi action in the first scene.
The second scene features all three of them. This scene is heavily bisexual. It starts with the one guy shitting in the other guy’s mouth. Lots of dirty ass licking. Then bi mutual shitty blowjobs. Then a MF 69 with some light puking. Ends abruptly during a MM 69.

Hightide - Julia & Friends - Skat!