Kaidence King – Eat my Shit, slave (1080p, Scat Solo, Blonde)

5min 16s | 269 MB | 1920×1080

*Notice: a very small amount (less than half an inch) of my blue tampon string is visible in this video.*

The camera is set on the floor, pointing up at me as if you are kneeling in front of me. I address you as my slave, telling you that you’ve done a lot for me over the time we’ve spent together, but today you are going to do the most humiliating and degrading thing you can do for a Mistress. You’re going to eat my shit as it drops from my ass. I tell you to kneel for your Mistress and get ready for your meal. Open wide for my generous offering and feel it filling up your mouth. I instruct you to bite it, chew it and swallow it, then I order you to lick my asshole clean too.

Kaidence King - Eat My Shit Slave-1080p-mp4

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