KitKatKlub SITERIP (2013)

KitKatKlub SITERIP (2013)

49 clips | SD | 31.81 GiB

Avantgarde Extreme, Portrait Extreme & Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein. Mostly male on female, rarely female on male.

REVIEW by visitor:

“English or German”, the giant German bouncer asked. “English”, my roommate said. “Saturday night is fetish night, are you wearing under your clothes?”. My roommate was taken aback. “Oh we didn’t know”, she said, “can we still go in”. The bouncer stared at her, “You have to take clothes off, you have to do things”. “Yeah yeah, allisgood’ “, she said. And we went into the rabbit hole.

The moment you walk in on a saturday, you are asked to pay 10euro cover by the naked ladies at coat check. You are then told to take you clothes off (or change to your fetish outfits) in front of everyone. Cell phones not allowed either, keep that safe in your jacket.

We made our way through the halls, it was still early, not even midnight, so the place wasn’t full. Two rooms of electronic music. Psychedelic sexual art all over the venue. Aside from a few older gentlemen and women, there are some very. sexy. people in here. in fetish clothes. or naked. dancing, drinking. Definitely a fun crowd, no bad vibes.

We left early, didn’t stay for more than an hour, but the place had started to fill up and there was a line on our way out. Ill definitely be back in proper attire.

Stay away if you don’t have an open mind. This place isn’t for tourists and you’re just going to annoy people. People come here to flirt, to touch, to dance, to drink, to fuck. If you’re not cool with that sort of culture, don’t come here on Saturdays.

Avantgarde Extreme Avantgarde Extreme Avantgarde Extreme
Avantgarde Extreme Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein 31 - Make Love not Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein 31 - Make Love not
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