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I am Jureka, a nasty chinky slut. I love degrading myself and being used for a lot of fun. They say I am easy-going, low on self-esteem, always up for some kinky stuff. I can get cheap and filthy at will. I don’t speak much. But, I burp shamelessly when I am happy. Come see for yourself… play with me. The mind-blowing, supercharged show I deliver feature, among others, messy games, filthy swallow job, deepthroat, gagging, big insertions, role play, and foot job. It includes lesbian shows and female domination of the same order. I do not indulge in sexual acts with male partners or pain, whether it be given or received.

She’s a petite Asian girl who eats shit and vomit on cam. These came from various sources, so I left the filenames as found. One of them (Live scat girls – scat porn at ThisVid tube.mp4) is possibly incomplete. Breakdown below:

Duration: 45:48
Resolution: 640×360
Opens with her sitting on a red couch with a white tank-top and black panties. She shits and pisses in a glass bowl. She stuffs the entire load into her mouth, chews it up, and swallows it (it takes a good seven minutes to get it all down). Then she gags herself with a long straw (and then a red dildo) and pukes it all back into the bowl. Then she eats it all again. Then fuckers herself in the ass with a large bottle. This leads to more shitting. She swallows all of that shit. It ends with her puking it all back up onto herself while she plays with her pussy.

Duration: 13:40
Resolution: 768×432
Opens with her stripping off some sexy lingerie. She shits and pisses into a glass bowl. Then she uses four fingers to make herself puke into the bowl. She chews/drinks/swallows it all. Then pukes it back into the bowl. Then drinks it all down again.

Asian Camwhore Scat and Vomit Breakfast (Full) – MOTHERLESS.COM.mp4
Duration: 39:38
Resolution: 768×432
Opens with her in a white t-shirt with a very sexy body-stocking under it. She writes “I drink puke” on her shirt with lipstick. Then she uses a black dildo to make herself puke into a measuring cup. Then she uses some purple anal beads and shits onto a glass plate. She drinks all of the puke with a long straw. The she uses the same purple anal beads to gag herself and puke it back into the cup. Then she eats the shit from the plate while intermittently drinking the puke. There is a great part with closeups of her eating the shit. Then she uses the anal beads again to make herself puke it all back up onto herself.

Asian Camwhore Vomits with Shitty Anal Beads – MOTHERLESS.COM.mp4
Duration: 16:02
Resolution: 768×432
Opens with her in just panties. She takes them off then begins gagging herself with a black dildo. While gagging, she pukes into a glass bowl. She fucks herself in the ass with some anal beads. The beads get shitty and she sucks the shit off of them and swallows it. She uses the beads to puke more into the bowl. She drinks it all down then uses the black dildo to puke it back onto the bowl. Then she dumps it all onto her head.

Live scat girls.mp4
Duration: 9:50
Resolution: 638×340
Opens with her in a sexy maid costume which she removes. She writes “whore” on her face, “slut” and “cum dump” on her tits, “dustin fuck pig” on her belly, and draws a cock above her pussy. She uses a black dildo to puke into a glass bowl. She shits and pisses into the bowl. She starts eating the shit, then the video ends. 🙁

The first video has her poop on a couch, then she gets it into a bowl and drinks it through a tube and gags / pukes herself on a dildo.

The second one is much the same, but it appears to be just peeing in a bowl and then vomiting into it and drinking it, in random order.

The third one consists in her doing ass to mouth with one of those anal bead dildos, then she vomits into a bowl and ends up pouring it over herself.

The fourth and final video starts with her gagging and puking into a measuring cup, then I think she poops on a plate. She drinks some, chews some stuff, all that junk. She is wearing a shirt that says “I drink puke”!