[OPBD-028] Massive Shit Academy 集団スカトロ学園 大量脱糞浣腸大乱交リミテッドエディション Other Orgy 沢尻もも美 Cum 企画 200分 コスチューム 平松アンリ その他女子校生 Enema [540p]

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Scene 1:
Momomi Sawajiri is teaching a class and goes to each student. She smiles and touches Anri Hiramatsu, Ramu Seramu and finally Ran Minamino. Alone with Ramu Seramu in the classroom, Momomi Sawajiri strips off her skirt and molests her panties then rubs and kisses her butt. She plays with Ramu’s pussy and lays her down on the floor. Momomi strips off her clothing and squats on a chair above Ramu and shits out a massive load of shit all over Ramu. She rubs the mess all over her clothing covering it in shit. She smears shit all over Ramu’s face and legs then spits in her mouth. Momomi uses a Hitachi Magic Wand on Ramu’s pussy and makes her cum and she kisses her student that’s covered in shit!

Scene 2:
In the bed room. Momomi Sawajiri is dressed in a cute red lace lingerie. The other girls, Anri Hiramatsu and Ramu Seramu are wearing white swimsuits. After touching the girls Momomi takes a bowl and Anri pees in it. She then squats over and Momomi fingers her asshole until she slowly shits out a massive log into the bowl. She uses a mini enema bottle and the girls continue to play with her asshole until she pushes more shit out. Ramu is next and the girls give her a mini enema and she pushes out a massive log of shit into the bowl. Momomi is very happy and she makes the girls smell and rub the waste over their swimsuits. The two girls get messy and Momomi dumps the rest of the waste from the bowl onto their heads as they make out. Both girls rub their bodies as Momomi watches. Next is the raw egg enema that Anri gets first. She takes the load in her ass then pumps out the egg onto Ramu’s body. Ramu gets two egg enemas into her asshole then squirts it all over Anri!! Momomi wants to have fun also and gets two raw egg enemas and lines the girls up on the bed and squirts out the liquid all over both girls!!! A double ended dildo is brought out and the girls fuck each other with it as Momomi watches.

Scene 3:
Ran Minamino is dressed in a cute school outfit and starts to get molested by two nasty guys. She squats over a desk and slowly pushes out a load of shit onto a plate. She gets a water enema into her asshole and she shits the liquid waste into the bowl. The guy rubs her shit all over her clothing and hair. They use a Hitachi Magic Wand and try to make her squirt. On the bed they inject her with another enema and uses the wand to make her squirt the liquid out of her asshole. Ran starts to blow the guys and pushes out liquid out her ass onto the bed! The guys start to fuck Ran and pump loads of cum into her cunt as she pushes more water from her asshole!

Scene 4:
Momomi is making out with a nasty guy while dressed in a cute blouse and skirt. She rips her pantyhose and is injected with four enemas. The guy starts to strip off her clothing and she can’t hold it and pushes the water out of her asshole onto the floor. The guy inserts another load of water into her asshole and another. She can’t hold it all and keeps shooting it out. He uses a wand on her cunt as a milk enema is put in her butt. She squirts out the milk and pees at the same time. Momomi blows the guy and continues to shoot out milk onto the bed. He fucks her in various positions as she shoots out the liquid in her asshole! He pops his load in her cunt and she plays with her clit shooting out more liquid!

Scene 5:
Anri Hiramatsu visits the medical office in a cute tennis outfit. The nasty guy starts to molest her and makes her squat over a plate and she shits out massive logs. The guy shows her the mess and she starts to rub her shit all over her clothing covering it in waste!! Anri gets naked and continues to rub her entire body in her shit!!! She gets a enema full of water twice and pushes it out onto the floor. She blows the guy and then gets fucked in various positions as she rubs shit over her body. He pumps his load in her pussy and she pushes out the cum into a glass which she then eats!!

Scene 6:
Momomi is in the classroom smiling. Ramu Seramu and Ran Minamino join her. They are talking to some guy and they want to show him something. With the guy laying on the floor, Ran is first and she squats on the table and shits on the guys clothing. Momomi picks up the waste and rubs it on the guys pants near is crotch. The girls start to rub the shit all over the guy and Ramu is next. She squats and pumps out a massive two foot shit onto the guy. They strip off his shirt and pants and rub the shit all over his body. Momomi is last she pisses all over his chest then squats over the guy and shits right onto his cock!!!! She looks around and moves the shit pile onto his cock then shits again!!! Both girls are smiling and laughing and Momomi uses the shit to start to jack off his cock. All three girls pump his cock then rub their asses over him covering their butts in the waste. They tease him and then pump his cock until he shoots out cum. The girls smile and show him the mess!!

Scene 7:
Momomi is in the class room and is talking to the other girls. She has a plan and the girls agree. In a black room, all the girls are in cute gym outfits with knee high white socks while Momomi is wearing a white swimsuit. She shows the camera that the outfits have holes in the butt and she touches all the girls. Four nasty guys have enema plungers in their hand filled with various liquids and Momomi gets the first enema while the girls watch. She gets five enemas and then squirts the liquid all over the girls!!! She gets more enemas and the girls get covered in liquid. All the girls get enemas and push out the liquid waste all over each other. Each guy fucks one girl and multiple enemas are given to the girls while they are getting fucked. Anri takes a enema from Momomi right in the face and mouth!!! Each girl gets a load of cum pumped into their pussies and at the end Momomi takes three enemas from the three girls over her body!

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