[OPUD-163] まじスカ倍返し クソ女上司に糞ぶちかましスカトロ肛門ペニバン乱交 脱糞 まじスカ〇〇 Scat

2h 39min | 6.71 GB | 1920×1080





Scene 1:
Rika Inoue and Yuria Seto are having a business meeting and discussing some of their employees. They call Yuma Miyazaki, Rie Tsujimura and some nasty guy into the room. They sit down and Rika is not happy along with Yuria. The guy tries to talk but Rika interrupts him. This meeting is regarding a employee review (?) and Rie hands Rika a piece of paper. Rika wants Rie to stand on the table. She looks worried as Yuma and the guy look on. Rika makes Rie turn around and remove her pantyhose and squats on the table. The mangers poke Rie’s butt with their pens and they want her to shit on the table. Holding her ass apart, Rie pushes out a huge log of shit onto the table. Rika makes Rie smell her waste as Yuma watches. They cover Rie’s face with her own shit and make Yuma come over. Rika has a handful of shit and rubs it all over Yuma’s face. She doesn’t move as her face and hair gets covered in shit. Yuria rubs the shit onto Yuma’s tits as Rika injects a massive amount of water enema into Rie’s ass. They force Yuma over to Rie and make her sit on the floor directly next to Rie’s asshole. Rie pushes the water out of her ass covering Yuma’s face in liquid as Rika holds her. Rie tries to comfort Yuma but she just stands there while wearing her shit!!!




Scene 2:
The next day at the office the girls are working. Yuma is brought into Rika and Yuria’s office for a meeting. Rika is still not happy with her performance. The girls make Yuma squat over the table and pull down her pantyhose. Yuria injects Yuma’s ass with a enema full of water. They put her pantyhose back on and Yuma shits into it leaving a huge ball of waste in her pantyhose!! The girls then rub her shit onto her face covering it. Rika places Yuma on the floor and Yuria stands above her and starts to shit out two 4 inch logs of waste that lands right in the middle of her face. Then a huge 14 inch shit rolls out of her ass landing with the other shit!!! Her face is complete covered by Yuria’s shit. She is very happy with the result and then squats down and rubs her ass over Yuma’s face! Placing her on the couch Rika takes off her panties and squats over Yuma’s face and shits out diarrhea onto her forehead. Yuria rubs the shit on her body as Rika finger bangs Yuma’s cunt! It seems Yuria wasn’t done shitting!!!!!! She squats over Yuma’s chest and shits out another 12 inch log that Rika rubs on her body.

Yuria face fucks Yuma with her cunt as Rie is brought in with two nasty guys. Yuria rubs the shit onto Rie’s face as the two guys try to strip her out of her clothes (The idiots have no idea what they are doing). Rie is brought to the couch and is covered in shit next to Yuma. The guys eat out Rie as Yuria and Rika gang up on Yuma. Rie is made to shit on a paper towel as Rika pulls her ass apart. Two small pieces come out and Yuma spreads her ass apart and a huge 16 inch log of shit comes out of her asshole! Rie sucks both guys cocks then gets fucked as Yuma is fucked in the ass by Yuria with a strap-on dildo. Yuma takes another shit after getting fucked in her butt. Rie is fucked by the guys in different positions and the guy cums on her tits. Everybody leaves the two girls covered in shit!! Another nasty guy comes in as the two girls just sit there.





Scene 3:
The next day in the office Yuma and Rie are working and notice another girl in the office, Seira Mikami. Rie tries to help her out and she goes over to Yuma desk and looks through her folders. Yuma is not happy with this new girl. It seems the new girls is spying for another company? or for the managers? Rie and Yuma try to follow her and locate her purse and go through it. They talk to Rika and she wants Seira out of the office. Rie and Yuma corner her in the employee lockers. They talk to her and show the documents. All of a sudden one of the guys comes in with a Hitachi Magic Wand and the girls hold her down on the table. The guy rips off her pantyhose and notices a bulge in her panties!!!!! They all force Seira up and he uses the wand on her cock. Yuma sucks her cock as Rie watches. They use the wand on her asshole and the guy makes her suck his cock. He then fucks Seira in the ass in different positions as Rie and Yuma watch. They both play with her cock and she starts to pee all over the floor. The guy continues to fuck her in the butt and cums over her cock as Rie and Yuma laugh.




Scene 4:
Later that night, Yuria is waiting in the stairwell of the building. She seems worried as Yuma comes up the stairs and talks with her. Yuma then goes to the office alone and talks with Rika. All the girls enter with the two nasty guys. The guys grab Yuria and Rika and place them on the floor. It seems Yuma and Rie are talking over the company!! The girls are molested by the guys and the girls. Yuma laughs at Rika and squats over her face and starts to shit into her pantyhose!! Only a small load enters her pantyhose as Rie squats over Yuria’s face and shits out liquid shit all over her neck and face! Both girls rub the waste over the girls faces. Yura then pushes out a foot of shit onto the girls and Rie rubs it in. Yuma tries to push more shit out onto Ria’s face and only another small load comes out as Yuria sucks one guys cock. Rie shits out a foot log onto Yuria’s back while she is blowing the guy. Both girls then are fucked in different positions and Yuria takes a water enema in her ass from Yuma!! Rika has two water enemas inserted into her ass while Yuria’s face is right below. Rika pushes out her enema onto Yuria’s face covering it in liquid. Both girls get fucked again as Yuma and Rie got water enemas inserted into their assholes. They both squirt out liquid shit together over both girls!!! They are covered in liquid shit while they are getting fucked. One guy pops his load on Yuria’s face as the other cums on Rika. Yuma and Rie stand over both their managers looking at them covered in shit and cum!!!


2h 39min | 6.71 GB | 1920×1080
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