Samantha Starfish – Diapered Cutie In Public!

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I filled my diaper with poop and pee! I have a stinky, saggy butt!

I’ve decided to wear my big messy diaper all day! After laying around at home and masturbating. I decide to go to a store to change my diaper!

I go to my favorite craft store and walk around the isles. I can smell the poo in my diaper! I am sure that everyone else can smell it too!

I find a few isles that are mostly hidden and I flash my stinky diaper! I love bending over to reach something on a bottom shelf and seeing my dress lift up and my soggy diaper show! I dance around in the isles and even flash you as some people walk by! I hope they don’t see me!

Now it’s time to change my diaper! I go into the bathroom. There is a lady in the stall next to me! Shhh! I have to be quiet! I slowly take off my heavy diaper and lift it up to show you! WOAH!!! That is a lot of poop! I can not believe I’ve been waddling around with that much poo in my diaper! My ass is a mess! I get out my wipes and slowly start cleaning my pussy and ass! There is so much shit! But it turns me on so much to clean my dirty holes!

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