secretlover3 – New plastic panties! [1080p, ScatShop]

secretlover3 - New plastic panties
5 min 12 s | 570 MB | 1920×1080

“I show off my new plastic panties, and take a long straining shit into them. I smear it around within the panties, having lots of fun. I peel off the very dirty panties and show off all the scat stuck to my ass. I try to dance and shake it off but only little bits come off.”

This vid is such a turn-on. Such a cute lady,and the way the skimpy clear plastic panties look on her butt is enough to make you cum!
We get a full commentary as she presents her butt to the camera and shits a huge soft turd which curls round in the tightly enclosed space.
The picture quality is excellent and you can hear the plastic creak and crinkle as she squishes the lump up between her buttocks and down to
her pussy. And her hands stay pretty clean as most of the mess is contained in the panties. She has quite a job getting them off
as they are really sticky with her lovely shit.

secretlover3 - New plastic panties