Susan Snow and Laurie Vargas (Vomit, lesbian, spitting,

Susan SnowLaurie Vargas - LezPoo
23min 18s | 502 MB | 1280×720

This looks to be an older video circa 2006-2008 shot on DV and then digitized. It was originally split into three segments which I merged, edited, color corrected, and encoded to slight higher visual quality than the original.

The video starts out with a minor blooper while the girls get ready for their scene. They start to fondle, touch, kiss, and then strip. Early on Laurie pisses into Susan’s mouth on which she chocked a bit. They trade some spit and kisses and then switch sides and Susan pisses in Laurie’s mouth. The continue to kiss and share more piss and spit then Susan swats over Laurie’s face and starts to shit. She only manages to squeeze out a couple of nuggets but it is enough to make Laurie gag. There is some smearing and more spitting and gagging. Overall it is a weak video and it clear neither girl like what they are doing, and only doing it for the pay, which makes it less enjoyable for me. But Susan Snow is a goddess she is so gorgeous so that makes up a bit for the lackluster performance.

Lesbian, spitting, kissing, pussy eating, piss drinking, shit smearing, light tasting, finger fucking, lots of gagging and minor vomiting.

Susan SnowLaurie Vargas - LezPoo