Time for a Feeding (Racial-toilet, spitting, humiliation, force feeding)

27min 49s | 1.25 GB | 1280×720

Smelly feet, Spit, Piss && Shit…that’s what being a slave gets you! This shit head emailed a million times and begged to serve as my toilet, told me he would eat every drop, how he liked to be racially dominated by a Superior Queen! He said dirty feet is almost his favorite…So I invited the fucker over the next day. He wasn’t sure if he was going to eat shit or clean feet or just be a prop for the Queen to use!

Once I pull out my camera his eyes light up…”Queen, may I ask what this is for” My reply “Fuckin footage monkey boy” He bowed his head and apologized handed over his wallet and signed my paper…that’s like signing your life away haahahhaa!!

I pull up a chair and make him clean the bottoms on my heels, then my smelly feet….I didn’t even take a shower I wanted the monkey boy to beg for my natural smells. I piss on this fool then I start shitting! EAT SHIT FUCKER! He has a mouth full and there’s still more to come don’t choke monkey! I force him to eat it, whatever he can’t I will force feed and smear….who knew shit would be the new makeup of this generation!

This must be humiliating for this loser! Fuck his feelings…its about what the Queen wants and that’s to shit on people and make them eat it!

**Great Lighting
**Great money shot

*All parties agreed to the extent of this humiliation! Don’t feel bad for this loser, he deserves it!