Alexandra Nice SITERIP (1996)

April 24, 2022 - SITERIPS

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Alexandra Knight This gorgeous European beauty is none other than Alexandra Knight. She was born in Gidna, Poland to a Catholic family. Her parents never mentioned or told her about sex, so she first learned about sexual intercourse from pornography she found hidden in her mother’s closet. She quickly learned English through watching TV shows like I Love Lucy. Alexandra has appeared in over 200 adult films in the hardcore, gonzo and anal categories. She got her stage name from the first actor/director she ever worked with, Dave Cummings. She has been vocal about what she considers unprofessional and had a falling out in 2000 over expenses not paid to her by an adult video production company. She now lives in Boca Raton, Florida on a 180-foot yacht.



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Alexandra_Nice_01 – A Wolf's Tail.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_02 – Air Tight 2.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_03 – Asswoman in Wonderland.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_05 – Backseat Driver 1.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_10 – Bunghole Harlots 2.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_13 – Chasing The Big Ones 6.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_15 – Cumback Pussy 24.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_16 – Debbie Does Iowa.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_18 – Goddess.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_20 – Heavy Metal.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_21 – Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 4.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_22 – Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 8.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_23 – Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 10.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_25 – Lick My Legs.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_30 – Perversions of the Damned scene 1.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_31 – Perversions of the Damned scene 2.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_34 – Raw Sex 8.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_35 – Sex Spell.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_36 – Shut Up and Blow Me.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_37 – Silk Ties.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_39 – Size Matters.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_40 – Slut Woman.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_43 – The Book of Casual Sex.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_45 – Tushy Anyone.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_48 – Wet Dreams 5.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_49 – Whack Attack 5.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_50 –
Alexandra_Nice_51 – North Pole 4.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_04 – Babewatch 8.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_06 – Beach Bunnies With Big Brown Eyes.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_07 – Blowjob Fantasies 5.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_08 – Booty Duty 2.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_09 – Booty Duty 7.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_11 – Bunghole Harlots 3.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_12 – California Cocksuckers 2.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_14 – Cumback Pussy 16.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_17 – Dr. Fellatio 5.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_19 – Gutter Mouths 9.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_24 – Legs Wide Open.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_26 – Limousine Confessions.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_27 – Lovers Spell.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_28 – Nasty Nymphos 19.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_29 – Nasty Nymphos 22.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_32 – Pickup Lines 9.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_33 – Pink.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_38 – Sin-A-Matic.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_41 – Sugar Daddy 3.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_42 – Sugar Daddy 17.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_44 – The Brat Pack.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_46 – Welcum to Chloeville 4.mp4
Alexandra_Nice_47 – Wet Cotton Panties 7.mp4

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