Asia Carrera SITERIP (1995-2000)

April 24, 2022 - SITERIPS

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Asia Carrera is one of the most intelligent and independent ladies ever to appear in a porn movie. Not only does she have mental powers, Aisha is also stunningly beautiful and seductive. Asia Carrera is considered the most intelligent model in the porn business. But do not think that mental abilities are the only thing she has. Asia, on top of everything else, is stunningly beautiful and seductive. Asia was born in New York on August 6, 1973. In her school years, she was a real child prodigy. At the age of 16, Asia was already teaching conversational English at a Japanese school through an exchange program. With good musical talent, at the age of 13 she performed classical piano concertos at the prestigious Cornegy Hall in New York. However, her success in school was never enough for her parents. Desiring a freer life, at the age of seventeen, Asia ran away from home, but was found and brought back.



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Asia_Carrera_A Devil's Tail(2).mp4
Asia_Carrera_A Devil's Tail.mp4
Asia_Carrera_A Is For Asia (Scene 2).mp4
Asia_Carrera_A is for Asia scene 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_A is for Asia scene 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_A is for Asia.mp4
Asia_Carrera_A Wolf's Tail.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Angel X.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Asia Is In Too Deep(2).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Asia Is In Too Deep.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Asian Sorority Fever 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Asian Sorority Fever 6.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Babewatch 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Babewatch 13.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Babewatch 14 (Scene 5) Part 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Babewatch 14 (Scene 5) Part 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Babewatch 14.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Babewatch 15.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Betrayal scene 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Betrayal scene 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Cathouse (Scene 5).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Cumback Pussy 6.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Daydreams, Nightdreams.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Dream Quest (Scene 1).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Ecstasy Girls 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Encino Housewife Hookers.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Fade To Blue (Scene 3).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Fade To Blue.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Forever Young.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Improper Conduct.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Intimate Strangers (Scene 5).mp4
Asia_Carrera_It's A Wonderful Life (Scene 3) 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_It's A Wonderful Life (Scene 3) 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Last Tango (Scene 6).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Let's Play Doctor.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Love At First Byte.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Magic Sex.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Massage and More (Scene 3a).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Massage and More (Scene 3b).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Masseuse 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Mission Erotica.mp4
Asia_Carrera_My Second Love.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Naked Hollywood 19.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Naked Hollywood 20.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Ninja Girls.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Original Sin.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Private Vignettes.mp4
Asia_Carrera_R and R.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Red Dragon (Scene 1) 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Red Dragon (Scene 1) 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Road Block.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Suite Seduction.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Taxi Dancer(2).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Taxi Dancer.mp4
Asia_Carrera_The Bitch.mp4
Asia_Carrera_This Year's Model.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Web Mistress.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Wet Dreams 7.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Whoriental Sex Academy 6.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Women In Uniform (Scene 2).mp4
Jenna_Jameson_Clip_Collection_Jenna Jameson – Hell On Heels (Asia Carrera).mp4
Jenna_Jameson_Clip_Collection_Jenna Jameson – The Ultimate of JJ Vivid Girls (Asia Carrera).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Always Lily White.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Bed and Breakfast.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Cloud 9.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Dark Influences.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Free Ride.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Guilty as Sin.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Private Vignettes 1.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Private Vignettes 2.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Private Vignettes 3.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Rocki Roads' Wet Dreams (Scene 4).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Signature of Sex (Scene 5b).mp4
Asia_Carrera_The Bride of Double Feature.mp4
Asia_Carrera_Web Mistress (Scene4).mp4
Asia_Carrera_Whoriental Sex Academy 7.mp4
Jenna_Jameson_Clip_Collection_Jenna Jameson – Phantasm (Asia Carrera _ T.T. Boy).mp4
Star_E_Knight_37 – Web Mistress sc2 (with Asia Carrera).mp4

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