Kelsey Heart Video SITERIP (1998-2005)

May 3, 2021 - SITERIPS

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This slender, blonde newcomer jumped in the world of porn in May of 1998. A dancer by trade, Kelsey took the plunge looking for some fun. And found it! Originally from San Diego, California, Kelsey moved to Southern California’s porn valley and still works as a house dancer at The Men’s Club. She loves her work, but also enjoys taking some time off to enjoy Italian seafood. When she’s not dancing she loves roller blading, sailing, spending time with her kitten and just being outdoors. Her dream car is the Viper and someday she hopes to work behind the camera and direct and produce her own line of adult movies for women.

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White Trash Whore 16 – sc2.mp4
White Trash Whore 16 – sc1.mp4
Stand In.mp4
Without A Trace.mp4
Wicked Wishes.mp4
Strip Bowling.mp4
There's Something About Jack 17.mp4
True Colors.mp4
Sodomania 34.mp4
Tell Me What You Want.mp4
Slut Search 5.mp4
Gang Bang Slut 9.mp4
Silk Stockings.mp4
Shoe Store.mp4
Sex Commandos.mp4
Pick Up Lines 75.mp4
Rough Sex 2.mp4
Planet of the Gapes 4.mp4
Perverted Stories 25.mp4
Painting Pamela.mp4
Panty World 1.mp4
Other Side of Serenity.mp4
Of Time And Passion.mp4
Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 19.mp4
Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 15.mp4
North Pole 11.mp4
Open Wide And Say Ahh! 5.mp4
Naughty Little Nymphos 3.mp4
Never Quite Enough – sc2.mp4
Never Quite Enough – sc1.mp4
My Ass 6.mp4
Gang Bang Slut 9.mp4
Nasty Nympho Nurses 2.mp4
Naughty Nurses 6.mp4
Nasty Nymphos 28.mp4
More Than A Handful 10.mp4
Last Man Standing.mp4
Lady Luck – sc2.mp4
Maya's Addiction.mp4
LA 399.mp4
Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 5.mp4
Ladies Night Out 2.mp4
Lady Luck – sc1.mp4
Hot Bods And Tail Pipe 21.mp4
Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 13.mp4
High Desert Dream Girls.mp4
Heart Breaker-7.mp4
Haven's Heaven.mp4
Gutter Mouths 16.mp4
Gangland 8.mp4
Guilty As Sin.mp4
Gang Bang Slut 9.mp4
Hard Evidence 2.mp4
Gangbang Girl 25.mp4
Good Night Nurse.mp4
Gangland 22.mp4
Gangland 8.mp4
Fuck Pigs 5.mp4
Extreme Gang Bang 2.mp4
Fry Stix.mp4
Five Rooms.mp4
Fast Times at Deep Crack High 4.mp4
Freshman Fantasies 11.mp4
Deviant Teens 2.mp4
Fast Cars And Tiki Bars.mp4
Dirty Dancers 14.mp4
Cumback Pussy 29.mp4
Chasing The Big Ones 10.mp4
Destiny Calling.mp4
Cock Smokers 13.mp4
Blowjob Adventures of Dr Fellatio 25.mp4
Blowjob Fantasies 3.mp4
Cellar Dweller 3.mp4
Cock Smokers 6.mp4
Blowjob Adventures of Dr Fellatio 17.mp4
Charm School Brats.mp4
Brown Eyed Blondes.mp4
Ass Backwards.mp4
Ass Takers.mp4
Ass Good As It Gets.mp4
Anal Addicts 5.mp4
All the Rave – sc2.mp4
All the Rave – sc1.mp4
American Pornstar 2.mp4
Anniversary Dreams.mp4

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