[OPUD-195] まじスカキャバ嬢 悪女達の激糞スカトロいじめ OPERA Cabaret 2015/06/25

1h 37min | 4.10 GB | 1920×1080



Scene 1:
Inside a Japanese hostess club, Eri Makino lights a nasty guys smoke while Kaori Miyanaga is with another nasty customer. Maki Kozue, Nagisa Kono and Ai Mizushima are at a table and watch a girl enter the room and walk over to Kaori’s table. Kanade Takatsukasa sits down and starts talking to the guy and orders a drink. They all toast and the ugly guy is confused.

Later on, Kaori talks to Eri while doing their makeup. She’s not happy that Kanade stole her customer. Eri shows her some tricks to keep customers and the two girls makeout. Eri places a towel on the floor and Kaori bends over and starts to shit out a pile of waste! Eri watches her and plays with her pussy. She removes her panties and makes Kanade eat her cunt out. Eri then eats out her asshole.



Scene 2:
Back in the club, all the girls are sitting down and a nasty guy who might be the owner talks to the girls. Eri is not happy with Kanade and her attitude is not good. All the girls gang up on Kanade holding her arms as Eri rips off her dress. Kanade gets a Hitachi Wand and uses it on her pussy and the girls remove her panties and they put the wand over her asshole. Kanade can’t help it and pushes out a log of shit that falls to the floor. The girls take turns rubbing and spreading the shit over it tits. She gets a dildo in her pussy while the girls hold her down. They make her cum and throw the dildo on her shit covered body!!



Scene 3:
In the changing room, Eri and Kaori enter and Kanade is there. She is not happy and tries to ignore them. Eri brings out her cell phone and shows her the nice photo they took of her covered in shit!!! Eri explains to her that she has to do what they say. She brings out a enema tube and Kanade has to accept the water into her asshole. She bends over on the floor and Eri inserts the water inside her ass. She fills her butt up and Kaori hands Eri a black dildo. She puts it in her cunt and fucks her with it as Kaori has a finger on her butt keeping the water in. She removes the dildo and Kanade pushes out a huge amount of liquid shit onto the floor!! The girls then start to paint her face with her own shit and cover her clothes in the waste. Kaori then sits on her face and makes her ride her pussy!!




Scene 4:
Back inside the club, Eri and Kaori are with a nasty guy entertaining him. The guy has no idea what he is doing…Eri goes over to Maki and the other girls. She tells her something and Eri is not happy. Eri has a plan to deal with Kaori. Later on, Kanade is standing in front of a guy with the other girls and the two other nasty guys. She tries to leave but is grabbed by another ugly guy. She is forced to to the wall of the club by the girls and is held. They strip off her clothing and the ugly guy tries to suck on her tits. The really old ugly one tongue kisses her and the other finger bangs her cunt. Unfortunately this goes on for minutes…..The girls come back and Eri is holding a enema hose in Kanade’s face. They turn Kanade around and the tube is put in her ass. The girls play with her pussy as air is pumped into her butt!!! With the tube removed Kanade starts to push out shit. Kaori picks up the shit and rubs it all over her tits. Eri takes the rest of the shit and rubs it all over Kanade’s face and forces it into her mouth!! Kanade spits at Eri and she slaps her right across the face!!!!!

The guys then hold her down on the floor and Maki, Ai and Nagisa squat over her face and they all start to shit at once. A triple torrent of shit flows out of each girls asshole onto Kanade’s face! All the girls are laughing. They rub shit all over her body coating it in waste. Eri takes a load of shit and puts it on Kanade’s pussy then starts to slap it. Eri smiles at Kaori and the guys grab her. They lay her next to Kanade and the girls start to rub shit over her face. Eri tells her she is going to get a enema in her asshole! She pumps the liquid into her asshole and Kaori tries to fight her off but it doesn’t work. Her ass is placed right next to Kanade and she shits out the liquid onto her chest! The guys make the girls blow their cocks as the girls continue to rub shit over their bodies. The girls are then fucked in different positions. One guy pops his load in Kanade’s pussy as Kaori is fucked in doggie position. The guy cums on her face that is covered in shit! Eri is standing over the girls and has another water enema that is inserted into Kaori’s asshole. Kanade also receives a enema the girls are brought over to a table that has a glass stack on it. The girls push out the water from their assholes that fill the glass with liquid shit! The girls are then made to drink the glass that contain their shit. They pour the waste in their mouths and faces!


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