[OPUD-231] 初スカトロ解禁 コスプレイヤー 監禁スカトロ凌辱 木村つな 陵辱 Insult Torture Scat 監禁・拘束

2h 31min | 1.63 GB | 960×540


Description: In the first scene, a young Japanese girl dressed like Madoka Magica has her picture taken by a man. He then kidnaps her and she wakes up gagged and bound. He makes her eat from a doggy bowl and off of his toes, and then gives her an enema. She shits her panties and the man smears it all over her pretty outfit and makes her sniff it before locking her in a cage. He gives her another enema and makes her suck his dick, and has sex with her. She seems to dislike it.

In the second scene, another young Japanese girl in a cosplay outfit meets a man, who uses a vibrator on her. He then gives her an enema and she shits on her nice frilly outfit. He makes her suck his dick, gives her another enema, and fucks her. She seems to enjoy it.